It is our mission for consumers, to be confident that our products and services are safe and useful for them and their families, and are environmentally friendly. Apart from exceptional circumstances such as safety concern and regulatory requirements, we do not test on animals for development of cosmetics and medicated cosmetics. Similarly, in developing other products, we employ alternative methods as long as the data quality and replication of result are not affected in terms of scientific rigor. If no alternative methods of experimentation exist aside from animal testing, we will resort to conduct such research under the aforementioned 3Rs in line with the laws of each country where the tests are carried out.

Lion Corporation strives to utilize alternative studies, throughout participation with the Long-range Research Initiative of the Japan Chemical Industry Association and the Japanese Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments. We will continue to develop new approaches for evaluating the safety and effectiveness of our products and services. Based on this policy, we will ensure our business contributes to the betterment of both the health of our customers and animal welfare.

Corporate Message

Lion has been a regular part of everyday life for more than 120 years. In that time, we have seen how ordinary days, one at a time, add up to a lifetime. Moreover, we have come to believe that each new day is the first step into a bright future, and that living every day positively and to the fullest is the essence of happiness. That is why we have made it our mission at Lion to contribute to ordinary life, every day, and reflected this commitment in our corporate slogan.

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